Weddings at Smallwood

Make your Cheshire wedding ceremony magic

If you are interested in getting married, firstly congratulations.  If you are thinking about getting married in Smallwood we have a lovely church for your special day


Banns are read on three Sundays, normally consecutively, prior to the wedding taking place and give people a legitimate opportunity to object to your marriage. They will need to have banns read in the parish where they wish to marry and the parish(es) where the couple getting married reside.

There are many opportunities for music at a wedding, not all which have to be taken up
Before the Service

Some couples like to choose specific music to be played before the Bride arrives
Entrance of the Bride

This music tends to be more elegant than lively and many wedding Music websites will categorise music appropriately for entrance and exit etc

The service will take up to three hymns and I wouldn’t recommend less than two, unless you are not having any at all. Hymn suggestions again can be found online

Some couple wish to include a piece of music, a song sung by a friend or a piece from a string quartet as a focal piece within the service
Recessional Music

At the conclusion of the service there is normally music whilst the bridal party make their way out of church. This music tends to be loud and lively.
There are excellent music resources on the internet, just type ‘Wedding Music’ into Google for a selection of organ music

The Church of England has recently put together a really useful website to help you plan your wedding. It covers all sorts of areas including planning the service and picking readings and hymns. You can also hear many of the favourite wedding hymns being sung. Enter Church of England + wedding into your search engine or go to

Please contact the rector or the churchwarden on the contact us page


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